The Collector’s Pledge

I believe every person has worth as an individual.
I believe every person should be treated with dignity and respect.
I will make it my responsibility to help consumers find ways to pay their just debts.
I will be professional and ethical.
I will commit to honoring this pledge.

Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, Inc. is a debt collector; any information may be used for that purpose.


Gulf Coast Collection Bureau began operations in 1998 and its corporate headquarters are located in Sarasota, Florida. We are a PPMS certified agency through ACA international, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.  We are also active in multiple trade associations including the Florida Collectors Association, HFMA, and others.

The Account Receivables Management Industry has changed greatly since 1998 when Gulf Coast began operations.  There have been great changes in both the regulations as well as the technology utilized with regards to account receivables management.  We have adapted our processes through the years to adapt with the changing times. Similar to the healthcare industry, we have specialized our operations to be a trusted advisor in assisting providers in resolving their patient accounts in accordance with the facts of each account.

Gulf Coast takes pride in doing the right thing toward both our clients and the consumers with whom we interact. We take a customer service approach to our collection process and believe the best results can be achieved by working with the consumer and creditor to find a mutually beneficial resolution to each account.

Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, Inc., Collections Agencies, Sarasota, FL


Mission & Values

Mission Statement: To provide leadership in the accounts receivable management industry by being a trusted advisor for our clients while treating consumers with honesty and integrity.

Vision Statement: To be the premier accounts receivable management company for healthcare providers in the United States; offering dynamic, sustainable solutions to improve the financial health of our clients.

Values: Honesty, Integrity, Customer Service, Strong Performance


Gulf Coast Collection Bureau is dedicated to serving our clients and consumers in a professional and courteous manner. To this end, we offer a wide variety of services to our clients and extensive training for our employees. When you engage in a business relationship with our company you can expect:

  • Third Party Debt Collection
  • Early Out Programs
  • Extended Business Office Services
  • Payment Monitoring
  • Insurance Appeals and Rebilling
  • Probate Claim Processing
  • Clean Up Projects
  • Accounts Receivable Management Consulting
  • Compliance Training and Consulting

Professional Standards

Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, Inc. is pleased to announce the achievement of obtaining the certification of the Professional Practices Management System (PPMS). This certification is an ACA International, Inc. industry-specific certification for a standard of excellence.

PPMS is a management system based upon developing, implementing and adhering to professional practices and policies. While PPMS is tailored to meet the needs of those in the credit and collection industry, it is not a one-size-fits-all program.

Through 17 basic elements, companies design an effective management system to best suit their companies’ needs. This system, in turn, may:

  • Cut down on the number of mistakes made
  • Increase communication between departments
  • Help employees handle client issues in a more efficient and professional manner
  • Improve the bottom line
  • Create a company recognition for adhering to an industry standard


"Gulf Coast Collection Bureau is truly committed to our organization and the patients that we serve. Their staff is effectively trained to handle patients with complex financial situations and provide a variety of payment options in order to ensure full customer satisfaction. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to continuous quality improvement."

- Multi-site physician group serving all 67 Florida counties

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Career Opportunities

At Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, we pride ourselves on recruitment and career development of highly capable and diversified employees who share our values. We are committed to providing each employee with an equal opportunity to succeed, competitive salaries and a competitive benefits package.

What You Can Expect from Gulf Coast Collection Bureau
The positions that we offer include a wide range of options from account managers and IT staff to human resources and accounting. We take pride in ensuring that our employees are properly trained and have access to the resources required to succeed.

Current Openings
We currently have openings for the following positions:



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